Speaking, Teaching, & Consulting 

I am available to come and speak to your community group, Sunday School, church event, as well as your school. The topics that are primarily within my wheelhouse relate to healthy sexuality and addressing sexual sins and concerns. I can approach these from a variety of angles from informal discussions, to formal training seminars, consultations, as well as sermons and lectures. I am also willing and able to help educate the community on issues related to mental health and what counseling is, and isn't. 

Topics that Justin has Spoken on 

  • Understanding LGBT+ Culture, History, and Interactions
  • How can the Church can have an Attitude of Christ toward Sexual Minorities 
  • Pornography Usage and the Christian
  • Traits of Healthy Families 
  • Training on Basic Listening Skills 
  • Faith and Formation in Christian Community
  • Farming as a Christian Discipline
  • The Works of Wendell Berry
  • General Topics related to Counseling and Mental Health 

For more information please contact me.