The Sort of Clients and Concerns I Work With 

My passion and expertise is working with adolescents and men who are having difficulty navigating life, culture, and faith around issues of sexuality, identity, and masculinity. A lot of issues fall into those broad category, and so can many types  of clients. I am able to work both women and men, and other ages as well, I also have enjoy working with teens and young adults whose parents have divorced or are divorcing.


My specialization in sex therapy includes a broad range of clients and concerns. The things I most often work with are concerns around usage of pornography, same sex attraction, sexual identity, and concerns about compulsive sexual behavior. I also work with men who are concerned with the mechanics of their sex life, as well as general sexual concerns. I don't work with women individually in the realm of sex therapy, but I know several female clinicians that would love to work with you.  


 Identity is formed by the collection and unity of many "parts" of our life; our interests and passions, our early childhood and family life, our faith and belief systems, sexual behavior, attraction and orientation, as well as a multitude of other things. I help clients think through these parts of identity and how much weight to give them, and then decide what that means for the type of life they want to live.  This is one of my favorite things to work with in therapy - helping a client to dig down deep to who they are as a person and how they want to live that out .


Sexual identity is often one of the most complicated areas of my work with clients. Sexuality touches so many other parts of ourselves and things are rarely, if ever "black and white." I endeavor to make my office a "safe place" for someone to come and process through something that they may not have space for in other relationships or spheres of life. I dig deep with my clients and we wrestle with the questions involved with sexuality. It may be uncomfortable, it may be hard, but I will never judge my client based on what they choose to tell me, or with what they do in life. 

I do a lot of work with clients who experience some level of same sex attraction or orientation. These clients often fall into two broad categories; those who experience these attractions as unwanted on some level, and those who don't. My approach is similar with both categories. I try to help my client understand their past and how they developed as a person, and how their sexuality developed as a result of their unique life. We then work on what all of that means to them, and the way they want to move forward in life. The goal here is congruence; the idea that who we are as a person lines up with the way we live their life. I don't engage in any form of reparative or conversion therapy, or any therapy that aims or claims to "fix" or remove someone's same sex attraction. 

Other Areas of Work

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Career and Vocational Exploration
  • College-aged Concerns
  • Divorce Aftercare
  • Forgiveness
  • Life Coaching
  • Life Transitions
  • Relationship Issues
  • Survivors of Abuse
  • Spiritual Growth and Formation


For many people, myself included, faith and spirituality can be a tremendous source of strength and healing. I ask all of my clients about their faith, and I tailor my work with them to be aware of and sensitive to their beliefs. I have been essentially formed by my Christian faith, and that is the perspective I bring with me to counseling. I am most comfortable and able to work with clients who share my faith, however, I am able and willing to work with clients from other faith backgrounds, as well as those who profess no religious beliefs. I cannot separate my faith from who I am as a person, but it is not my job to force my beliefs on my clients.   

Divorce Aftercare

My parents divorced while I was in high school, so I know first hand the pain of that experience, as well as the blessing of having pastors and counselors walk with me through that season. I work with adolescents and young adults as they work to process through, and understand their parents divorce and the new normal for their family.